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Hello! It has been so long since I have updated, I find that I can't get motivated with blogger as much as I am with tumblr. Not sure why, but it is what it is.

A lot has changed since I last posted, which was February of last year! (I told you I can't get motivated!) I've dyed my hair blue:

(Sweet jesus this photo is horrible, but I had to show my mermaid hair that I kept for a day)

Moved to a house in the country:

Got two kittens:

I enrolled into a make up academy and got a part time job at Wildpair! Go me. 

My beautiful cat Shelby passed away recently:

and that's about it. I'm moving away to my Nana's house so I can be closer to the academy I'm studying at. I'm excited to get my life together and finally be doing something that I love!

Well, love and light xo

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